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An Introduction to Mean Mouth Bass Information and Facts

Mean Mouth Bass are very rare. The Largemouth Bass/Smallmouth Bass hybrid is much rarer than the Spotted Bass/Smallmouth bass.

What is a Mean Mouth Bass

When we first heard of the Mean Mouth Bass, we checked all our reference material and could not find any species with that name. However, after checking Google, we were able to find several solid references.

And, thanks to several good fishing forums, we were able to further identify the fish behind the name, Mean Mouth Bass. We even had a picture of a Mean Mouth Bass mistakenly identified as a Spotted Bass on our Introduction to Spotted Bass. Technically, we were only half wrong.

No Scientific Name

First, Mean Mouth Bass is more of a nickname than a name for a given species of bass. The name was first given to a hybrid bass where the parents were a Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) and a Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides).

Offspring were rare due to the difference in habitat preferred by the parents.

Today, the name Mean Mouth Bass is more commonly referred to as the offspring of a Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) and a Spotted Bass (Micropterus punctulatus).


Mean Mouth Bass are very rare. The Largemouth bass/smallmouth bass hybrid is much rarer than the Spotted Bass/Smallmouth bass. According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, the only states to have Mean Mouth Bass include Missouri and Georgia.

Kentucky is currently looking for specimens of the species and asking anglers who have caught one to send it into the Department for testing.

Fishing Techniques

We are not about to try and compile a list of fishing techniques for such a small population of hybrid bass. With such a population, any such techniques gathered would have little support from the scientific method.

We do not care that so much that the Mean Mouth Bass is not classified, we have extensive coverage of the Whiterock Bass. But with such few numbers, there is little angling interest and not enough research to be able to provide anything other than angler’s best guesses.

However, if one wanted to try and find a Mean Mouth Bass, we suggest Missouri and Georgia waterways where the habitat of the Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass overlap.



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  1. Kao saephan says:

    So today I caught a bass and I posted up on a fishing page on facebook. I got people telling me that the bass were a mean mouth bass which is I don’t know about. So google it and found out its rare to catch one so I decided to share it here. Wish I could share the photo and let you guys see if it is a mean mouth bass.

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