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Yellow Bass Feeding Habits

When fishing for the Yellow Bass, there are a multitude of flies to choose from. For most freshwater bass, the same flies can be used over and over.

Yellow Bass feeding habits vary somewhat from those of other bass due to its habitat and size. They are more likely to feed more frequently at night than they do during other hours of the day. Various conditions effect when they eat such as how strong the sun is, the temperature of the water and surrounding air. Like other freshwater bass, they do not like direct sunlight.

You are likely to find them feeding in clear to moderately clear waters over hard bottoms and in middle depths, though they are likely to feed in shallow waters when the water temperature reaches 59°F degrees.

Food Preference

Yellow Bass eat a variety of prey fish like fathead minnows, golden shiners and gizzard shad. Insects make up a large part of their diet, so they can be caught with flies as much as they can be with bait and lures. As such, favorites like the Mayfly, damselfly and dragonfly are very effective as is the blackleechfly. They also feed off of small crayfish and insect larvae.


When fishing for the Yellow Bass, there are a multitude of flies to choose from. For most freshwater bass, the same flies can be used over and over. which should not be a surprise as the food preferences are common amongst all species with a few exceptions for each bass dependant on its distribution and habitat.

Fly Reel

Fly fishing tackle can involve a considerable investment, which can be a little too much for many beginning anglers. While a good fly rod is important and one should not spend much less than $200, the reel simply needs nothing more than a good drag. Skimping on drag will end up costing you in the future. Should fly fishing be something you really enjoy, you will most likely end up purchasing another reel.

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